iPhone 7 won't charge

If your iPhone 7 won't charger any more, well, don't worry too much.

Try to below methods:

1, check your USB cable, maybe it is broken, especially check the cable head.

USB cable for iphone 7

2, Remember, check your charger adapter, it is difficult to judge whether it is good, you can use your friends or families to try.

3, Reboot your iphone 7, it is rarely needed, but sometimes it working.

4, Check your charging port, it has 9 lightning, please brush it.

iphone 7 charging port broken

5, If your iphone 7 is heavy damaged, it won't charge because the hardware is damaged, so it can't work if you replace the charging port.

6, If your iphone 7 is water damage, and not dried out properly, it will cause battery destroyed or other components problem which will prevent charging.

7, maybe the battery broken

Hope your phone back to life, good luck!